Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure

Leisure Centre and Gyms

From the chic exclusive atmosphere of a private members club, to the inclusive and welcoming feel of a local authority leisure centre, every Aaztec project is built to suit exacting demands of the environment.

A wet room or shower area and separate sections for toilets and lockers can all be constructed from solid grade laminate – a material which is ideal for withstanding the rigours of constant use and possible abuse in demanding, high traffic and humid environments.

Attractive, functional and durable washrooms will encourage guests to return regularly.

Hotels and Spas

Outstanding washrooms should be well designed, durable and easily cleaned to maintain a safe and hygienic environment, and ones that will ensure your clients return. The quality of facilities are also a reflection of your business. Aaztec understands these needs and can offer a solution to the problems of providing pleasant washrooms for your guests to feel happy to use. Let us help you achieve washrooms with the ‘wow factor’ that are unique, stylish and memorable.

Stadiums and Arenas

The Entertainment Industry needs washroom solutions that can withstand the most rigorous of use. From international arenas through to night clubs, cinemas, show grounds and race tracks. Solid Grade Laminate is virtually indestructible and combined with the latest security fixings can provide an elegant solution to the need for sturdy, vandal resistant facilities.

Theme Parks

High quality washrooms are a key feature of a fantastic visitor attraction. Your visitors will be familiar with a certain level of quality whilst visiting your site and developing your washrooms to match your amazing attractions could leave even more of a positive lasting impression.

Clean and modern design tends to appeal to users and encourages respectful treatment of facilities at high traffic sites. Yet style need not be sacrificed in the quest for tough washrooms and toilets where intensive use is expected.

Aaztec can and have supplied stylish, versatile and robust cubicles, vanity units, duct panel sets and wall boarding right through to a complete refurbishment package to a variety of venues nationwide.

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