Public Sector & Government

Public Sector & Government

Prisons/Government Buildings, MOD/Military establishments, Fire and Police Stations and Councils and Courts

These establishments need robust washroom solutions, that are accessible, user friendly and clean. Organisations that have to provide these facilities need cubicles, duct panel sets, vanity units, sanitary ware and accessories that can stand up to very heavy usage, be easy to keep clean and maintain and still look good. Combine good design with resilient materials and you have a recipe for the kind of washroom passengers and visitors would feel comfortable using.

Experience has taught us that attractive, clean and tidy washrooms are far less susceptible to abuse – another good reason for choosing Aaztec to supply and install your washroom facilities. Choice of colours and finishes often determine the look of a washroom – this is where we can help. It costs as much for poorly matched colours as it does for a colour scheme that can enhance the room and make it feel like the sort of toilets you would be happy to use.

Sanitaryware and accessories can be chosen not only for their looks but also for their energy efficiency, lower water usage and effectiveness. Good design can make cleaning easier by hiding pipework and providing smooth surfaces with no fiddly crevices and corners to collect dirt and bacteria. Where there is a wide age range of users we can integrate matching (or contrasting) child size cubicles and vanity units. This makes children feel more at ease when using the facilities. Disabled and ambulant cubicles should also be included in the design and we can help ensure that they are DDA compliant.

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