Duct Panels

Duct Panels

Aaztec’s duct panels can be manufactured in a variety of our panel materials to complement and enhance any washroom. These panels provide space for Concealed cisterns, thermostatic valves or general pipework maintaining a designed appearance whilst providing protection against vandalism or injury against hot pipework.

Duct panels not only conceal all of the pipework and services, they also provide a clean and attractive finish to the walls. They can be used to complement or contrast with other fittings and wall boarding can also be supplied to match, creating a seamless, co-ordinated finish around the room.

Aaztec duct panels can be supplied in Solid grade Laminate, High Pressure Laminate with postformed edges, cdf, Recycloo™ and melamine Faced chipboard. Various heights are available.

They can be fitted with or without flash gaps, in contrasting or matching colours. Panels can be push fit, lift off, hinged, securely fastened or lockable.

Add matching modesty panels between urinal duct panel sets to allow privacy for Users and a finished look.