Bethany School

Aaztec’s Marine cubicles and Trident lockers at Bethany School, Kent

Bathany School, founded by the Reverend Joseph Kendon in 1866.

The site adopts an extremely environmentally friendly approach, using recycled materials wherever possible including their roof tiles, paint and roads. It is this ethos that meant when it came to the washroom refurbishment, there was no other choice than our entirely unique Recycloo range of cubicles, ducts and vanity units.

Manufactured with board made from recycled plastic, not only does Recycloo promise a low carbon footprint, but the colourful options available give individual finishes that cannot be duplicated.

Andy Skilton, owner at Chestnut Meadow commented “Aaztec suggested that the Recycloo range would be perfect for our eco-friendly campsite and the end results did not disappoint. The washrooms are completely unique and continue to impress our guests. They look as good now as the day they were installed, 6 years ago!”