Washroom Accessories

Washroom fittings are available to match and complement all of Aaztec’s cubicle ranges.

No self-respecting washroom would be complete without those finishing touches that make it a pleasure to use.  Everything from energy efficient hand driers to soap dispensers that can enhance the user’s experience are available.

Wallgate Units

The Wallgate ‘Thrii’ unit is a stylish handwasher drier offers soap, water and drying all from one ergonomically designed unit.

Wallgate ThriiWallgate ThriiWallgate Thrii


Purleve is a hygienic door handle for use in environments where cross contamination is a serious problem. It replaces a normal door handle with a lever that has an antibacterial sleeve over the handle replaced by an electronic sensor after each use.

In these days when toilets and washrooms can have automatic flush toilets, sensor taps, automated soap dispensers and hands free driers it seems unacceptable that its’ users still have to touch the doors to exit!

30% of people don’t wash their hands after using the toilet

66% of people don’t use soap

84% don’t wash enough to kill germs

100% of people use the door handle to exit

The Purleve door handle is an ideal product for use in the healthcare industry where transfer of bacteria and infection control are primary concerns.

Wall Panels & Modesty Screens

Healthcare Cubicles

  • Duct panels and wall panels match cubicles with matching or contrasting shadow gaps
  • Matching modesty screens maintain privacy

Shoebox Seating

shoebox seating
Keep those cloakrooms and classrooms smart with Aaztec’s range of Shoebox seating, available in a wide range of colours with matching hat and coat hook rails and a range of lockers to make any area neat and tidy.

The Finishing Touches

Soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, paper towel dispensers, toilet seat cleaners, signage and much, much more.  everything you could need to put the finishing touches to your washroom.

Dolphin Soap Dispenser Toilet Roll Dispenser Toilet Seat Cleaner Toilet Sign