Lockers & Benches

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Lockers come in a huge range of configurations, ranging from standard lockers to heavy duty, ones suitable for dry environments or wet, ones for workwear collection and dispensing and mini ones designed to store small personal valuables such as mobile phones, keys, wallets and purses.  These can be incorporated into changing areas or ‘banked’ along a corridor wall.

Locks come in Standard Cam, Swivel Lock (for use with a padlock), Coin/Token refund, Coin/Token collect and Four Digit Mastered Combination or Dial Combination Locks.

When working environments call for tougher storage solutions, we can supply heavy duty lockers with 10mm thick solid grade laminate plant on doors that cover the complete locker frame, providing a flush finish. The heavy duty hinges remain strong, even under persistent mistreatment.

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