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Patients and visitors have a right to expect a clean, tidy and well-maintained environment.  Dirty, poorly maintained facilities in clinical areas provide an environment in which the risks of infection can flourish and can also undermine patients’ confidence in the quality of their care.

Solid Grade Laminate with Sanitized® treatment which has long lasting protection against bacteria, mildew, acarid (mold mites) and moisture, using silver ions that detect, attack and neutralise bacteria is a recommended board material for use in areas where hygiene is paramount.  Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) can be used for cubicles (toilet, changing and shower), vanity units, duct panel sets, wallboarding, lockers and benches.  It comes in a wide variety of colours and with an array of designs giving greater creative freedom whilst still ensuring the area it is used in remains not only clean but also easily cleaned and yet resistant to abuse.

Unfortunately, areas that look clean can still be unhygienic and yet a healthcare environment that needs refurbishing may be sterilized to the best of its ability but still feel unclean.  In such cases, the built environment works directly against cleaner’s efforts—no chemicals will strip the hospital of a patient’s or visitor’s perception and when it comes to perception, lack of cleanliness in hospitals makes patients feel unsafe.

See the Purleve hygienic door handle solution for reducing cross contamination in high risk environments.

Aaztec are leading the way with their innovative Mediduct system.  This is a hand wash system supplied in a single panel, wall hung with no touch sensor activated taps and dispensers to reduce

Healthcare Vanity Duct System

the transfer of bacteria.  One single panel removes gaps where harmful bacteria can grow.  It is

operated on a swing out, hinged system that allows easy access for replenishment of soaps, gels etc. and easy access for maintenance.

Hand wash basins in clinical areas used to have to meet compliance with HTM 64: Sanitary Assembles.  However this has been superceded with Health Building Note 00-10

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