By far our most popular cubicles, MARINE is a cost effective choice offering users a clean and pleasant experience and the people with responsibility for upkeep and maintenance peace of mind. Ideal for all applications including schools, healthcare and industry.

There is no situation where Marine cubicles are not suitable.  They are durable and can be sited in both wet and dry areas allowing for continuity of design.

Made from virtually indestructible solid grade laminate treated with a product which permanently protects the surface against up to 99.9% of bacteria and complemented with black powder coated fittings to match the eye-catching and hardwearing edge detail of the cubicles, these really are ‘just the job’.

Available in a range of colours with matching vanity units, duct panels, wall boarding, lockers and benches, Marine is the range to choose for a totally co-ordinated look.

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MARINE Full Height Cubicles MARINE Full Height Cubicles

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