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Biodrier Eco

The Biodrier is the hygienic, fast, efficient and stylish way to dry hands in any washroom.

The Biodrier is based on a simple yet powerful idea – using the heat from its own motor to provide the hot air used to dry the user’s hands. This means it uses much less power than conventional hot air hand dryers, saving money and reducing the carbon footprint.

To use it, simply pop your hands in, and the three infrared sensors start the hot air. The Biodrier supplies gentle but powerful gusts of high-speed air to both sides of the hands. Remove your hands after five seconds and they’re dry.

A high-speed vacuum motor saves energy as it consumes only 1300 watts of power. The shorter drying time combined with lower power consumption saves money and reduces your carbon footprint.

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The Biodrier is also unbelievably quiet and it produces a natural aroma that is both refreshing and relaxing. The design is also ergonomic, stylish and elegant.

Read more about the environmental benefits of using a Biodrier -

Faster, healthier hand drying with Biodrier

The Biodrier is considerably better for the environment compared to traditional hand dryers.  It keeps energy consumption to a minimum by using heat from its own motor to provide the warm air for hand drying.  There are no waste products, such as paper towels to dispose of, and its three LED sensors ensure it only activates when actually needed.


The hygienic HEPA filter consists of a prefilter, an antibacterial filter and an inner filter.  These protect against bacteria and helps combat viruses such as the corona and influenza viruses. On the outside, an optional antibacterial coating kills germs effectively.  The Executive and Business² driers also use Biodrier gel cubes which sanitises the machine internally and the users hands.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By reducing the time it takes to dry our hands with the Biodrier, we use less energy compared to conventional dryers.  By reducing the amount of energy we use in a day we can reduce our own carbon footprint and save money.

Throw out those paper towels

Paper towels are wasteful, not all that effective for hand drying and old-fashioned.  They create waste that litters the washroom, and their production creates poisonous materials such as dioxins.  It’s time to move beyond the paper towel, and you could save over a thousand pounds a year.

Reduce landfill

By avoiding the use of paper towels, you will reduce your contribution to generating landfills of rubbish.

Saves homes

By using Biodrier technology, we eliminate the need for paper towels.  This in turn reduces the required trees that are cut down to make the towels, trees that contain homes to many types of wildlife.

Safer for users

The Biodrier uses 100% clean air thanks to its filter technology, providing users with a safe and hygienic environment.  It also releases negative ions into the atmosphere for further health benefits.